There’s no feeling quite like opening your own business. All of the hard work you’ve put into building a website, creating products or services, making calls, designing a logo, and so much more has finally paid off and you feel nothing but excitement about opening your home-based business. Before you open, make sure your home is zoned for business operations so it doesn’t miss a beat when it opens its door for the first time. To prevent your business from being shut down by your city before it gets a chance to thrive due to zoning laws, research and comply with the following suggestions.

Contact Your Local Zoning Office

To begin, research ordinances that apply to home occupations to see what is currently allowed in your area. If you rent, be sure to check your lease for any restrictions regarding running a business on the premises. Usually all it takes is a quick call to the zoning office to ask whether running a business is permitted or not. 

Ask For an Exception/Variance If Needed

If your homeowner’s association does not permit your type of business to operate in the area, you have the right to ask for special exceptions. Most businesses get approved easily with this approach, especially if your business will not increase foot or vehicle traffic dramatically. Applying for a variance with your city typically requires more time, money, and effort than would normally be worth it, especially since they are usually denied. 

Inspire Positive Change

One person will most likely not be able to inspire a city or town to change their zoning laws. If you’re passionate about your business and know it can bring something incredible to your community, rally those around you to present a compelling case from hundreds of voices.