It’s important to find a cause in your community and work to make a difference. Helping your fellow man is a great start to making the world a better place. For lawyers and attorneys, there are many philanthropic opportunities to get involved in and offer your services and skills pro bono:

Immigrant Children

One of the biggest issues in our country that needs more attention is the child immigration difficulties. Many immigrant children struggle to stay in the United States and have no one to fight for them.  The ABA’s Immigrant Child Advocacy Network (ICAN) can connect you with over tens of thousands of unaccompanied immigrant minor children in America so you can offer your services. Through this program, attorneys can help these children through their legal proceedings.

Hurricanes and Other Natural Disasters 

When disaster strikes, people are left in need and struggle in times of uncertainty. In times like this, people need lawyers to help them through. However, most of them cannot afford one and are at risk of losing everything to their name. In order to make sure everyone has a fair fight, lawyers and attorneys can offer assistance to lend a helping hand. National Disaster Legal Aid Resource Center is the best place for lawyers to volunteer and help those affected by natural disasters. 

Lawyers Without Borders

For lawyers who are willing to cross the border to make a difference, then Lawyers Without Borders is the perfect opportunity. This incredible program gives attorneys, lawyers, and judges the opportunity to work pro bono for the world. Those who join the program are donating their services to rule of law projects, capacity building, and access to justice initiatives. Many of the projects led by Lawyers Without Borders focus on initiatives in the human rights and global capacity building sectors. This is a wonderful opportunity to change the world.