Cornell Law School


Making the decision to pursue a career in law is a major decision. Choosing the right law school for you is an even bigger decision. Right here in New York there is a wide selection of the best law schools in the country. Here is a list of the best of the best right here in New York.

Cornell Law School

With enrollment of only 180 students, Cornell’s outstanding faculty is focused on teaching small classes for a more personal touch. The only real negative of Cornell’s law program is that there aren’t enough classes offered. Cornell has dealt with this by allowing law students take courses from the graduate departments. Located in Ithaca, NY in the Finger Lake region the location, and name alone make Cornell a top choice for students.

Brooklyn Law School

With over 100 years and over 16,000 alumni, Brooklyn Law School has made quite a name for itself over the past century. Located in the heart of Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Law is known for it’s focus on teaching practical skills and not just academic law skills. Ranking among the top 100 law schools in the nation, respectively at 61st, the school’s emphasis on court externships, moot court and other various skills that focus upon the practice of law versus the theoretical study of law.

Yeshiva University

Close in location and ranking to Brooklyn Law, Yeshiva is becoming a known name for New York City law schools. The University’s law school only founded in the late 1980’s is becoming increasingly competitive to attend. Currently ranked in the top 50, the faculty is focused on teaching and motivating students to graduate in two and a half years. However, a negative to the school is just how competitive it can be with students competing with the NYU Law and Columbia grads.


Perhaps the most known law school not only in New York City but all of New York State, NYU Law has built itself quite the reputation. With over 8,000 applicants and a low acceptance rate, getting accepted to NYU law is feat in itself. With excellent location in Greenwich Village, and a reputation for being maybe the best law school in the nation. The negatives of the school are the increasingly high tuition costs, reaching over $40,000 along with the price of city life.
Other schools in Upstate New York and Long Island that are ranked among the top 100 are University of Buffalo, Hofstra University, Pace University, and Syracuse University.