conference tal rappleyeaThe International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA) provides information to its members throughout the United States and Canada. As a non-profit for legal professionals, they help officials of the government gear up for litigation and guide them them through the necessary steps for creating new local laws. Since 1935, this organization has been a resource and an advocate of local government attorneys.

IMLA provides several services such as counseling and programming for members going through their own legal challenges. Publications are also released with valuable and up to date information. Hosting a national conference has also been an important part of IMLA’s purpose over the last 77 years. It is a large networking opportunity for local government attorneys. They have an opportunity to discuss the creation of fair laws that realistically provide legal solutions for members.

The organization began as a place where municipalities across the nation could discuss law related matters. In 1935, Charles Rhyne, Fiorella LaGuardia from New York, and several other mayors from large cities met to form the National Institute of Municipal Law Officers, which was the former name for the IMLA. Soon after formation, amicus briefs were filed on several topics such as rent control, zoning, employment, natural gas rates and more. Charles Rhyne, one of the key founders of IMLA received several awards including the Gold Award given by the American bar Association and the Francis Stradford Award from the National Bar Association. Rhyne was also considered two times for the Nobel Peace Prize and additionally received the Grotius Peace Award.

Those interested in joining the IMLA, will have to select from the various membership types found on their official website. Some options include Municipal Membership, County Membership, and Associate Membership. One must fill out a form and take heed to the required dues. Be sure to review the service and benefits for finalizing membership.